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questions lawmakers want answered. when did russia raise the red flag on tamerian tsarnaev. what did he do over in russia for six months? what did the f.b.i. do about it? we are learning that federal charges could come as early as today against the surviving suspect dzhokar tsarnaev. they are questioning the 19-year-old in his hospital bed. we can't confirm that. the reports are he is responding substantively via writing because they said he had shot himself in the head and mismisfiring and cannot speak. and older brother's wife, katherine russell she converted to islam at the request of her husband and could potentially be a treasure trove of information on this man. our chief correspondent catherine herridge joins us. >> reporter: that's right. investigators are focusing on tamerian tsarnaev trip to russia and whether he had contact with other suspected terrorists. republican briefed by an assistant director the bureau believed the brothers had outside help. >> the f.b.i. and the c.i.a. and every intelligence agency we have is scrambling to figure out what is coming next. who were they a
tlatd older brother in the boston marathon bombings, tamerian tsarnaev traveled to russia last year. that was news to lindsay graham who says the f.b.i. told him they had no knowledge of his travels abroad and that his name had spelled incorrectly on that trip and they hadn't is your veiled him. so it could help if the bombing suspect had any help and the look at the older brother. this mugshot was when he was arrested for domestic violence and that is when they believe his radicalization took place. katherine heritage has more. >> in front of the senate committee the statements of homeland security secretary apparently conflict weigh statements by assistant f.b.i. director. napolitano telling senators that homeland security, he left for russia in 2012. >> was your department aware of his travels to russia, if you weren't, the reason? >> the travel in 2012 that you are referring to -- yes, the system pinged when he was leaving the united states. by the time he returned all investigations the matter had been closed. >> reporter: after those statements the senators were told by napoli
foreign government said they were having suspicions tamerian tsarnaev might have extremist ties. but the fbi found nothing. so they closed the case. then they apparently told this unnamed foreign government about the lackf extremist information that came in -- came up in their search. and they told this government that if they had any more concerns about thisan, tamerian tsarnaev, suspect number 1 or the man in the black hat, they should call bak, tell the fbi again. and the fbi would look again. but the foreign government, initially concerned 2 years ago about possible extremist ties never called back. >> very interesting information about one of the brothers. peter doocy, live in washington. peter, thank you. >> a member of the house committee on intelligence congressman adam shiv has been monitoring the situation, also a former federal prosecutor. so he understands how the investigation may unfold. what's the next step? he is live in his district in california. it's good to see you. >> good to see you, gregg. >> without compromising any classified information or national secu
time. [ gun shots ] >> bill: the older brother identified as suspect number one age 26 tamerian tsarnaev was killed in the fight. but dzhokar tsarnaev escaped at that pint. then they locked the area down tight. police in watertown, belmont, newton, camden, telling residents to stay in doors. transit system is shut down. buses aren't running, trains aren't running. businesses told to shut their doors for the day and police are going door to door trying to find suspect number two. they say he is armed and dangerous. his father not only does he believe his sons are innocent but they are supposed guilt is part of a larger american plot. >> somebody clearly framed them. i don't know who they did. they framed them and cowardly they shot the boy dead. there are policemen like that. >> bill: all this while president obama meets with national security team to talk about the latest developments in the investigation or the investigation that begin with the worse terror attack we've seen on u.s. soil since september 11th. mike tobin leading our coverage. he is live in watertown, massachuset
they investigated dzhokhar tsarnaev's brother tamerian. the who homemade bombs that he trigtriggered with his younger brother killed three people and wounded hundreds more. at least one bombing survivor, a seven-year-old girl is still in critical condition a week later with multiple wounds to her legs. now 2:50 p.m. eastern time today the same time that the bombs went off last monday, a moment of silence was held in boston and around the nation for all the victims in the bombing. earlier a funeral service was held for one of the people killed at the scene. 29-year-old krystle campbell was buried inburyied. dzhokhar tsarnaev can't speak a possible suicide attempt as police closed in. he is accused of ever using and conspiring to use a weapon of mass destruction resulting in death and malicious destruction of weapon device resulting in death. jay carney said this must remain in federal court. >> we will prosecute this terrorist through our civilian system of justice. >> john: however lindsey graham believes it's a mistake. >> it's impossible to gather the evidence in just a few days to determi
. the twist that he begin volunteering at the boxing gym where suspect number one tamerian tsarnaev trained several years ago. the owner of the jim says it is unlikely the two ever crossed paths. >> one of those injured in the terror attack is a 11-year-old boy martinez boy. there is promising news. he ate his first solid meal since the injury. he was struck in the leg by shrapnel. we have information about several community fund-raisers for aaron and his family posted at under see it on tv. >> people flying to san francisco from boston expressed relief that the second suspect had been captured alive. they also described an eerily quiet city they left behind. john has their story from sfo. >> passengers arriving at sfo had just come from a boston they had never seen before. with the manhunt underway, boston was shut down. no taxis or amtrak for hours. >> it was very quiet. eerily quiet. a lot of people stayed home from work. >> she wore her marathon medal. she had to stop because of the explosion. during the flight the pilot announced that the second suspect had been captured.
is calling for a federal investigation about how the government may not have protected us from tamerian tsarnaev. what he wants, what we do next, in 20 minutes. >> jamie: can't wait for that. marathon runners runners in lone paying tribute to their own victims. thens showed up to observe a pre-race moment of sillulence. many of the runirs in addition wore black arm bands. they wanted to show their solidarity with those who were killed and injured in boston. runners are a special breed. they had extra security if place for that event, put something spectators' minds at ease. >> obviously, it's on your mind because it's awful. but i don't think tell happen here t. doesn't worry me. i said, all the more reason to be here, solidarity with the people. >> very sad. especially at buckingham palace. not worried at all. >> it's on my mind. i am really, really upset about what happened there. this, we are doing in support. all the runirs are wearing the black arm bands. it's a beautiful day. it's a great time. i am here to support my son and my daughter who is about to run past any minute now. bu
months in russia, tamerian urged jihad and dzhokar tsarnaev posted anti-american tweets. the people of boston are finally >> we're going to get right back up again. >> in a sign of unity today, the entire crowd at red sox game they sang the national anthem together. >> katie: we're learning more tonight about what it took to track down the suspect. five-day nightmare ended when dzhokar tsarnaev was found in a boat of a watertownhome. the 19-year-old you can see him hiding in the boat. when he was found he initially refused to come out. >> you could tell he was alive and moving. we begin the negotiations that way. over a long period of time we were able to finally get him to surrender. >> in an interview with abc news a neighbor of boat owner described the chaos. >> him yling, get out, get out! >> katie: the suspect was rushed to the hospital and watertown residents gathered in the streets to cheer for law enforcement. >>> the younger brother remains in the hospital right now, 19-year-old dzhokar tsarnaev is in serious but stable condition. f.b.i. has updated hits wanted poster to sa
of the suspects. the agency saying now it was alerted of tamerian tsarnaev's possible extremist ties. we are going to discuss that contact with fox news' peter doos newashington. peter, what did they know? >> reporter: jamie, a little more than two years ago,s in the beginning of 2011, the fbi said a foreign government called them and told them, tamerian tsarnaev is someone that should be on their radar as having possible extremist ties. so the fbi checked u.s. databases for any records of derogatory phone conversations or online postings about radical activity or associations with known radicals and they dug into his travel history and education background and came up with nothing. so at the beginning of 2011 issue the fbi found, suspect number 1 to be clean. so they closed the scpais told the foreign government who had been inquiring that they would be happy to check again if any red flags popped up, but the unnamed foreign government never contacted the fbi about this man, suspect number 1, the man on the screen in the black hat. we are getting a sense of why he was able to continue plotting un
but under custody. his brother is dead, tamerian tsarnaev and news prompted cheers and tears from the locals who have been on so on edge this week expressing gratitude to the men and women trying to capture these two men. president obama watched the whole thing unfold on television and got a abbreviating from national security staffers. he says it brings a chapter to a close but they deserve the motive in one of the most horrifying terror attacks in the nation's history. >> reporter: good to see you. a sense of relief as you can see from the pictures and sound from boston and also here at the white house what has been a long week at the white house but also west, texas going through an horrific situation. when the president came into the briefing room he noted that, as well. people dealing with tremendous grief in west, texas. he was following all the riveting moments on television and then he got a briefing officially informing him that the second suspect had been taken into custody alive. he got a phone call from robert mueller informing him about the details and the president talked about
for their failure to stop the boston attacks. two years ago, the fbi questioned the deceased suspect, tamerian tsarnaev, after the russian government had concerned about possible terrorist ties. this is the fifth case he can think of where the fbi failed to stop a terrorist. chuck hagel in israel, meeting with prime minister benjamin netanyahu,. the countries disagree on when the military threat will requir. china recovering after a massive earthquake killed almost 200 people and injured thousands more. the quake happened near the same fault line that caused a deadly earthquake five years ago. the u.s. geological survey measuring this at 6.6 on the richter scale. happy birthday queen elizabeth. she is spending the day at home with her family. >> shannon: steve, thank you. it has been 18 years since the alfred p. mura federal building was bombed. six years later, 9/11 and americans were introduced to another round of new security measure, involving air travel. how will the boston marathon bombings change the way races or other large public evens are concernd? we have the former fbi assistant di
. what we know based on this, the f.b.i. did a review of tamerian tsarnaev background and they didn't come up with anything that was terrorist activity. let me explain why that is important now. the same year the russian government, what do you know about this guy? we think she radical islamist. this is the same year the group over in chief knee yeah was declared a trivtd entity. once he comes back he makes a website where he is posting jihadist literature. when you start to connect the dots is this trip to russia and radicalization process. >> do we really have enough intelligence to follow some of these small groups we haven't heard about? >> two main points. number one there is a lot of good intelligence gathering not only by federal investigators but also by the intelligence community. the american public has to ask themselves whether they want the government more into a business in order to prevent every attack. there is a certain amount of risk. i'm not minimizing what happened in bfb but there is a certain amount of risk if we are going maintain what the american culture and
but the father called them nice advertise but tamerian tsarnaev was partying and the bomber was going about life like he wasn't the bomber. >> the boy's father talking to his home in russia when reporters pressed him about his accused terrorist zblons somebody clearly framed them. i don't know who framed them, but they did. they framed them and they were so cal ios they shot the boy dead. >> reporter: that boy is the older son, tamerian but according to him that dzhokar tsarnaev was training to be a dentist. but the father had a different tone in other interviews. he told abc earlier, you have a bright future ahead of us, come home to russia. then he advised them to help with everything. just be honest. father also tells that his sons were nice kids that has no experience with weapons or explosives. describing the younger son as very smart and accomplished angel. meanwhile, in the days after the bombing witnesses say the young suspect dzhokar tsarnaev was acting normal. he was partying with coeds and returning to social media, ain't no heart in the love of city which is a reference to jay z-lyri
inflicted. the family realizes now they never really new tamerian tsarnaev, the suspect number one and cannot begin to comprehend this tragedy. we are all over the developments including something going on in the city of chicago. more on that in a second. here is what we got for you now. mike tobin in watertown, massachusetts. what is the latest on the investigation there. ed henry at the white house responding to all these crosscurrents everywhere. to eric shawn where the injured suspect remains not surprisingly under heavy guard. mike? >> reporter: neil, this is the i dill i can neighborhood where it came to an end in a blaze of gunfire. the view of the helicopter pilot had there was someone hiding in that boat. he was wounded and bleeding, dzhokar tsarnaev half an hour from the cover of night that could have allowed him to move again. there were federal agents and guns drawn and at the ready to create a scene that people in this neighborhood would like to never see again. >> about 25 police cars came screeching down the road on franklin street and stopped at the bend in the road
between tamerian tsarnaev, the older brother killed by police and his mother, was made in 2011. this is a significant finding because if it had been revealed earlier they may have be significant evidence to investigate the bombing suspect's family . in the meantime the investigators are digging into the lives of the two suspects and the cbs reporter on the islamic radical who influenced them and the chilling premonition of one of the brothers. >> reporter: authorities have ended their two day search of a landfill 60-miles south of boston where dzhokhar tsarnaev attended college. sources say investigators are looking for laptop computers as they dry to term what the tsarnaev brothers fewed and believe they were influenced by the online preaching of islamic radicals. >> the simple influence is that the americas will not and cannot win. >> reporter: in yemen leaders were linked to multiple plots against the u.s., among them the underwear bombing on christmas day 2009. authorities are also examining what they believe to be a twitter account of dzhokhar tsarnaev which includes a
-- magistrate as lucid. and police want to question the wife of tamerian tsarnaev. what does she know? terror suspects living under our noses. did they show any signs of hating america? hear from a neighbor who knows both brothers, one of whom he had a heated discussion about the bible. it is not over. we have word of another terror platt plot. the latest, coming up flying is old hat for business travelers. the act of soaring across an ocean in a three-hundred-ton rocket doesn't raise as much as an eyebrow for these veterans of the sky. however, seeing this little beauty over international waters is enough to bring a traveler to tears. we're putting the wonder back into air travel, one innovation at a time. the new american is arriving. it shows. we don't run like that. we build john deere equipment the way we always have: the right way. times change. our principles don't. you don't just have our word on it. you've got our name on it. that's how we run. nothing runs like a deere. discover the full line of riding lawn equipment at or your local dealer. at
of bombing suspect tamerian tsarnaev got who was killed friday will try to get away from police. his 19 year-old brother dzhokhar tsarnaev was shot in the throat and can speak. authorities have still not charged him. he was arrested friday evening after a shootout.prosecutors as 72 hours from arrest to file charges which would be by tonight so it is expected that could happen sometime today. >> now more questions are being raised about the suspects and that the fbi did not before the bombings. in 2011, russian authorities warned the u.s. government about the camera lens are nav and his possible radicalization. the fbi interviewed him and his family, said they found nothing and close the case. he then made a six month trip to russia in 2012. his exact whereabouts and activities are unclear. after that trip, he posted radical islamic foes on his youtube channel. the videos have since been deleted but cnn has been able to track them down. >> a private funeral is happening right now for one of the three people killed last monday and the boston marathon bombing attack. krystle campbell was a 29 y
of the brother wearing the hat. the older brother tamerian tsarnaev is in the black cap. he was killed in a shootout. the under brother remains and the hospital. we're learning about the tense final moments before the swat team finally catches him. here is one describing the moments during the capture. >> you could see one clan hand was clear of any weapons. we went the other way, his hand went down inside the boat out of our view. and i know everybody here, we've spoken about it, each time he did nthat we had to assume that he was reaching for either a weapon, a firearm or some type of explosion ignition device to try to cross and and take us out in a suicide type manner. he did add a couple times as we were still approaching towards him. we get close enough at one point where both of his hands were up because of the rocking back and forth, both hands were up we could see the there were no weapons on him, no it ignition devices. we broke away from the shield protective cover and we just rushed him. we put hands on him, grabbed him and pulled them off the boat. >> this is the first of
bombing suspects. they are brothers. 26-year-old tamerian tzaraez. born in russia. the one who remains at large is his younger brother dzhokhar tzaraev. he is wearing the white hat when the pictures went out last night. massachusetts driver's license and a resident of cambridge, massachusetts. he was born in kurzic stan. cambridge, across the river from boston. campus of m.i.t. last night shots were heard fired at about 10:30 last night. m.i.t. police officer discovered dead, shot dead in his police cruiser. the suspects then car jacked a mercedes suv and a chase ensued that would lead police to watertown. during the course of that chase the suspects apparently also unloading explosive devices, setting them in their path towards the policing. mbta police officer was killed as well. we have more developments. i'm going back to andrew. >> bertha, sorry to interrupt but we are getting the boston chief of police as a briefing as well. >> he is currently not out of the hospital. >> can you say where he was shot. >> it sounds like this was an update telling us about an officer shot we're gue
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